Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whew! We're still here...

just way WAY behind!

It's been yet another couple of busy weeks here on our corner of the island.

We had a GREAT week with our daughter Amy and granddaughter Kennedy Anne. Kennedy is a beautiful, precious, loving little "mani" ("peanut" in Spanish). What a sweetheart!

Amy had a wonderfully relaxed week with abuelo and abuela gladly taking over some "Kennedy time." Both Amy and Kennedy learned firsthand about the healing, restorative powers of of hammock-time.

We also spent a lot of time last week with six wild and crazy guys from New Hampshire, down here for some sun and surfing before heading back to snow and skiing. The group (shown at left) consisted of Matt, Seammus (a master chef who cooked us dinner one night), Mattie, Carl, Ryan, and Bobby (Elaine is the one in the middle of the group, laughing).

Three of the guys are in a band called Audio Kickstand. They came to Ola Lola's last Monday and jammed! Trevor (from Villa Tropical) sat in on bass guitar. Everyone danced - including Kennedy Anne - and played instruments, using our "paranda" percussion set from our friends, Michael and Michelle (now in Maryland). More than one person said it was the most fun night ever at Ola Lola's. That's sayin' somethin' 'cause there have been some fun parties here. It was a blast, though. The boys are already planning their trip back next year.

We can't wait. Just make sure you bring the guitars, guys. And thanks for a fun week.

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Joyce said...

Thank you for all of your hospitality. You are still enjoying the surf, however, we are skiing with some early and unexpected snow. We can't wait to come back next year.