Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Another flat day

The ocean is still flat flat flat - summertime flat. Visibility still looks really good and all my dive buddies are working again. So, another day of snorkeling. That's one of the beauties about our little corner of la isla: there's pretty much always something to do in or around the water. If you can't dive, snorkel. If it's too rough to snorkel, you can probably find someplace to surf. Too windy? Kite surf. Or KAP. For me, since I don't surf or kite surf, I go look for photo opportunities. If nothing else, just watching the ocean is endlessly fascinating and mesmerizing.

Today was so flat and so clear I got to go into a corner of New Hole (the "hole" just east of Blue Hole for those who know our reef) that we almost never get into. Except on the calmest days (like today) the wave throw so many bubbles in the water it's almost impossible to see in this narrow little neck. But today was perfect and I followed this school of blue tangs and ocean surgeons into the corner. Very cool.

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