Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Best moment 170911

This is Elaine's birthday. It's not bad enough that she gets to share it with the attack on the World Trade Center. In our post-Irma world, she had car trouble twice. A friend of our was rushed to the hospital unconscious. There was more but I can't remember. seems like we were going all day though.

There were two best moments amid all the mayhem:

Marie had a birthday surprise for Elaine when we went to feed the horses. It was very nice and very sweet.

And at 10:49 pm, we got electricity back after nearly six days without. Hooooraaaay!

One thing this taught us: If we have to be without water or electric - if we have the choice - we choose being without electric. Being without water is way worse. But now we have both and are so grateful.

Internet and cell service are still spotty but we are stumbling back into the 21st Century.

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