Tuesday, September 19, 2017

170918 Best moments with a generator

Generators are in very short supply here on the island after Irma and facing Maria. Lots of people - including us - are looking for one. Shipments of generators headed for Puerto Rico were rerouted to Florida(!) and to the Virgin Islands which so devastated by Irma.

On Sunday, after teaching in Rincon, Elaine went on down to Mayaguez to look for some things at Sam's and Home Depot. As she walked into Home Depot, a guy in an SUV was struggling with a generator. Elaine said, "Did you just buy that?"

The guy answered, "No, I'm returning it. Do you want it?"


So he returned it and she Elaine bought it, all in one transaction. Other people saw the generator come in and like moths to a flame, they all descended on it. But - Elaine already had it. Elaine told the clerk she had other shopping to do. The clerk said, "Oh no! Get it in your car and get it out of here!" So with a little help she stuffed this huge generator almost into the trunk of our little Nissan Sentra and took off for home.

(We interrupt this blog about generators for the first power outage of Hurricane Maria.)

 Now back to your blog...

On the way home she thought about what we need a generator for: the refrigerator. Yep, but our friends Carole and Rolf have a big generator and an big refrigerator. Access to the Internet. Yes, but if there is catastrophic damage to the electric grid - which, given the fragile condition of the infrastructure, seems likely - there will be no Internet to access. Lights? We can make do. Amber's fan? Yeah, but are we going to run a generator just so the dog has his fan? (Okay, we all know the answer to that one: YES!)

Our friend Annie (the other therapeutic riding instructor Elaine works with) was out looking for a generator. She and her husband Justin have two darling little girls.

Let's see - who needs the generator more?

So Elaine called Annie and asked if they wanted the generator. You've never seen two happier or more grateful people. Justin came to the house yesterday, paid us and we loaded "our" generator in the back of his car. A bit of paranoia set in and he covered it with a sheet so it wasn't so obvious. but we watched "our" generator drive away, knowing we'd done a good thing for some amazing wonderful people.

Great moments, getting the generator and then moving it on to someone who needs it more than we do.

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