Tuesday, May 15, 2018

NOW May 15 update

Just a quick update about my arm. When I fell I actually broke three pieces off the lower end of the radius (not the ulna). It required surgery and titanium plates and screws to put it back together. There is along story about the surgery adventure but everyone was great and the surgery went smoothly. I don't have much pain, really just ache-y and hard to get comfortable.

I can't feel too bad about this thing when there is so much good all around us. The day before my surgery a friend of ours on the mainland had triple by-pass surgery and is doing fine. A good friend of ours here on the island has had diabetes since she was a child. With little education and very little guidance she has been trying to manage by herself since she was eight. Her out-of-control diabetes was causing her to lose her sight. The day after my surgery we found out she had her diabetes under control enough that she had the surgery to repair her sight. She can see!

Elaine's cousin Kara has climbed the highest peak on every continent except Everest. She's been on Everest twice, once when an avalanche killed a number of Sherpas and a couple of years ago when and earthquake rattled Tibet. While I was having surgery, she was climbing to Base Camp on Everest. As of this morning (Tuesday, 5/15) she and her group are at High Camp at 27,000 feet, preparing for their final push to the summit.

Although all the contracts are not yet signed, in the last couple of weeks we have reached an agreement to sell Ola Lola's. We have an agreement with the people at Ciudad de Salvacion to create our therapeutic riding center there. We found a new house a house to rent almost adjacent to the church property. And, the two sisters who own the house also own 22 acres of land surrounding the house! We are going to lease that for the horses. That clicking sound you hear is sound of dominoes falling inline!

Yes, I'm bummed because I can't play with the horses. Yes, I'm bummed because I can't get in the ocean. The hardest part really is that I can't get started on stuff - can't help clear the new yard, can't start putting up new fence, can't start building a new corral. But that's all temporary. With all this wonderousness around, how bummed can I be?

Anyway, it's been near,y two weeks since my surgery. I go back to the doctor on Thursday. More updates after that.

Thanks for reading!