Monday, April 05, 2010

April is National Kite Month

Okay, I'm way late on this one but there is still plenty of time for you to go out and fly a kite this month.

National Kite Month actually started on March 27 and runs through May 2. This month the American Kitefliers Association focuses attention kites in all their many many forms. "Kite events around the world help introduce people to the fun of kiteflying, the rich history of kites, the stunning artistry of kitemakers, and how kites can be used as educational tools."

You can check out the National Kite Month website for a schedule of events, suggestions for activities, kite plans and lots more.

So far there is one registered event in Puerto Rico. On Sunday, April 18, we are going to join another local kite event at Middles Beach. We're planning to put up a display of our single line kites and to perform our pairs stunt kite demonstrations. Come out and join us. You can watch or better yet, bring a kite to fly yourself.

So at least for this month, do as we do: if someone tells you to "go fly a kite," take them very seriously and GO FLY A KITE. See you on the beach!