Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another rider in the family

Kennedy has been riding Chocolate almost since she moved to Puerto Rico. Originally she rode with her abuela Elaine but now she prefers the saddle to herself. And she likes to go fast! She prefers to ride on the beach (just like her abuela) but if the back pasture is all she can get, well, that's good enough.

Kennedy and Chocolate have a very special relationship. He knows when she's around. She can do just about anything around that horse and he just stands there, not moving, not even flicking his tail. When Kennedy was a bit smaller, she would run right underneath Chocolate's belly. (She still does it once in a while but she has to duck now.) She will run right up to him and hug his legs; he doesn't even flinch because he knows it's her, his little person. It truly is amazing and wonderful to watch those two together. It's gonna be even more fun as she grows up with him.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Corona Pro surf competition

This past weekend was the annual Coronal Pro surf competition at Middles Beach. For the firt time since I've been here, there were real actual honest-to-god waves!

There are so many other photographers at events like this, many of them "official," that I rarely bother shooting the actual surfers like I would on a non-contest day. I mean, who cares about just another shooter on the beach?

I prefer to give photographs of the event my own perspective, in this case a kite's-eye view. There were thousands of photos taken over the weekend. Many of them have been posted on websites all over. NO ONE else has photos of the event like this one. You can see more of the KAP (kite aerial photography) photos and a few surfer photos on our Flickr pages and on our website, Check 'em out and enjoy!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rotten truths

Been away from here for a while. I could give you lots of reasons but they would mostly be excuses. (Someone wrote "if it's not important, you'll find excuses. If it is important, you'll find a way." I like that.)

The the rotten truth is, I just haven't felt motivated to write. I've been here almost five years now. I'm no longer a "traveler" on this end of Puerto Rico. A lot of the "newness" (if not the adventure) has worn off. I guess I'm projecting my feelings about that onto all of you who read this blog. How many times do you want to see a picture of Shacks Beach as I walk over the dune? I love that sight. It is one of my favorite places and sights in the world. Every time I walk over that dune (and I walk over it at least once a day just about every day) it is an oh-my-god moment for me. But are you tired of it yet?

Are you tired of pictures of reef squid? I'm not. They are endlessly fascinating to watch. But I get to see them live. Seeing photos over and over is just not the same.

There are still many adventures here, many special moments to share that might be interesting. Lately I've been caught up in the everyday minutiae of my own life and even I'm not all that interested in reading about it.