Sunday, July 22, 2018

NOW July 22, 2018 Back again

Fifty- two day into the hurricane season and no hurricanes yet. More than a month since my last post. Sorry about that. It's been a busy few weeks.

We spent a lot of time finishing getting Ola Lola's and the Lola House ready for the new owners.

At the same time we had to get our new house ready to move into. Nothing had been done at the new place - which we've named Castaways - since Maria and the former tenant moved back to the mainland. Trees and fences were down in the yard. The yard itself was totally overgrown. A digger (front end loader/backhoe) spent three whole days clearing the trees from the yard and the area behind the house where the horse corral will go. The house needed cleaning and painting.

 We got everything moved to Castaways a week before "the Kids" came. Lots of work, lots of time spent but we're beginning to see light that isn't the headlight of another train coming at us.

The house still needs a lot of work and we have to secure the property so we can bring the horses down. But as we say, "poca a poco" - little by little, one day, one step, one task at a time.

We took nearly two weeks off island to the mainland to visit family and friends. Elaine has been back to the mainland several times - for equine therapy certification training and family crises - but I realized I haven't been off island in nearly four years. I haven't seen family or friends in that long. I was supposed to be off island (diving in St. Croix) last September when Maria hit so that didn't work out. And I was supposed to go to the mainland in December but got sick and couldn't go.

This was a really good trip - really great connections with people. There only downside was there were so many more people we want to connect with but just couldn't. (LS - are you reading this?) Well, that and the 13 hour layover in the Orlando airport. Oh, and catching a "bug" in the airport or on the plane on the way home  But those were minor inconveniences.

"The Kids" - Stephanie and Jordan - moved into the Lola House while we were gone. The immediately started making the house and the business their own. They had their soft opening first night last night. Just drinks for now; food is coming about August 1. It looked great while we were there - old friends and strangers alike stopping to say "hi" and have a cocktail or a beer (or two).

We are so happy for them and wish them all the best!

More about the travels in a bit.