Saturday, October 23, 2010

The boardwalk

The Municipio de Isabela is building a "paseo lineal" - a linear pathway - from Villa Pesquera west to Jobos. The trail is complete to Middles Beach but construction continues from Middles to Jobos.

Most of the trail is at road level but near the western end the trail rises to the top of the rock at Jobos on this board walk. I wanted to KAP the construction since I first saw the posts going in. We haven't had any appreciable breeze, certainly not enough to KAP, until this week. Finally I got to KAP the project. The project is farther along than I wanted but I did manage a few "forest in the trees" shots of the posts.

You can see the best of the shoot in a set on Flickr.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So, where we been?

It's been a very busy couple of weeks since we got back. There was a ton of work to do to reopen after being away, getting ready for the "Everybody in September Birthday Party," having company from the States for a week, dealing with rain and minor flooding courtesy of a couple of hurricanes passing by. You know - just the usual.

WHOA! We interrupt ourselves with some great news: Ola Lola's got mentioned twice (in a good way) in a New York Times blog/article. We met author Seth Kugel a couple of weeks ago when our friend Laura brought him to Ola Lola's and introduced him. Of course, Laura just introduced him as a friend; we had no idea he was a writer for the NYT. Then she sent us an email telling us about the article. How cool is that? Ola Lola's has gotten some great "press" this year. The NYT article comes right after the great recommendation/review in Fodor's Puerto Rico 2010 which was published in August. (When you get to the page, click on "Look inside." In the search box type Ola Lola's. You have to scroll down just a bit to read our review.) And we had a great review (written by a local chef) in La Isla Reader, a new magazine in the region. Awesome!!

Next week, by request, Elaine is going to be "guest burger chef" at a United Way fundraiser at a local company. That should be fun!

We're also gearing up for a major international surfing competition coming to town at the end of the month. Kelly Slater just won a major competition in Portugal. If he wins here in PR, here in Isabela actually, he will win his 1oth consecutive world title. You may have read about Kelly recently - "the most successful athlete you've never heard of." If he wins this year's title, he will be the winningest, most successful athlete ever in any sport. And he's going to be right down the road from Ola Lola's (somewhere). Hmmm - I wonder if he eats burgers. Maybe we could name one after him. The Kelly Slater Slider?