Saturday, September 09, 2017

Best moment 170909

Still no electricity but we do have water. At least we can take showers and make coffee. Electricity is coming though. Several areas near us have power back.

Because of the power thing, our access to information and communication is limited. The best moment was realizing that Hurricane Jose is not only going to miss us, it's also going to miss the small islands in the Lesser Antilles that were devastated by Irma. We are so grateful.

 Ola Lola's is closed for September for our annual clean-up, fix-up. Now we're moving on with that.

So not so much hurricane news now. We and others around us are returning to our "normal" lives. In John Steinbeck's words (read this with John Huston's voice in your head) "The world was once again spinning in greased grooves."

More photos as soon as we get power.

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