Friday, March 23, 2018

Maria log day 40 Ocober 31, 2017

Tuesday, October 31, day 40

One of the casualties of the hurricane was the lights on the truck. Some of the wiring got loose, then got tangled in some brush right after the storm and ripped out. We've been  driving with no tail lights, no brake lights and only one headlight.

I know that's very Puerto Rican but I don't like it. Since the storm we've mostly avoided driving after dark. With the car out of commission the truck is our only vehicle.

For a couple of nights when we had to drive it, we stuck a little battery powered light on the tailgate so at least people could tell there was something in front of them. Pretty guerilla and low-rent but "mejor que nada."

Today I spent my day sitting, writing, reading, waiting to get all the lights repaired and working. Nearly seven hours from start to finish.

Done. We have all the running lights again. Now we can drive at night.

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