Tuesday, October 30, 2018

MARIA log, Day 57, November 18, Saturday

Saturday, November 18 day 57

Light but steady rain most of the morning. then grey all day.

The rain and the fact that today is the biggest cabalgata on the island made it a slow day at Helping Horses.

What's a cabagata you ask? In the simplest terms, think poker run or pub crawl on horseback. In a normal cabalgata 10 or 15 or so riders get together for an afternoon and/or evening of riding, drinking, partying, and fun.

On this weekend every year riders and horses from all over the island descend on Aguada, two tows south of us. They come in custom-made trailers and home-made trailers, in the backs of fancy pick-ups and POS pick-ups. Locals just ride their horses. In a good year 2500-3000 (no one know exactly how many) horses and riders pack the streets and back roads of Aquada. Whole streets and neighborhoods are closed by the horse traffic.

Most of the time the horses manage to find their way back to their trailers or stables. Which is good because a great number of riders are in no condition to navigate. They probably shouldn't be on horseback at all.

One of these years we're going to ride in the Aquada cabalgata. Or maybe just go watch from a bar.

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