Wednesday, October 31, 2018

MARIA log day 59 November 20 Monday

Today's best moment: talking with our friend Nancy in Kalamazoo. Nancy has gone through several years of major health and medical issues. She and Elaine started the "Best Moments" movement to help Nancy focus on positive things when her world is so full of negative.

Well before the hurricane, Nancy sent me a hat that has "Life is Good" on it. Little did either of us know at the time how important that hat would become.

Every day since the hurricane, every time I go out, whether standing in line for gas or money or going to the grocery, I've worn that hat with that message. Life is Good! In some of the darker moments that hat is a reminder to me and--based on comments I've received--for others as well.

Today I got the chance to thank Nancy personally--even only by phone--for her great gift.

No rain today but cloudy all day.

Wipes. You know like baby butt wipes. Who besides parents of small kids knew how important they are?!

Since the hurricane, wipes have become an integral part of everyone's kit. Early on, when there was no water for showering, wipes were critical. We washed our hands, faces, armpits, necks, and other parts with wipes.

Now we don't know how we ever got along without them. We have them in the car, in the truck, next to the bed, in the kitchen, the bathroom, with the horse tack. I haven't been diving yet but I'm sure I'll find a reason to keep them in my dive gear tub.

Thank you to everyone who sent us wipes! You have no idea how useful they are.

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