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Maria log day 36 October 27, 2017, Friday

Friday, October 27, day 36

With only limited access to news, information, and communication, we tend to be isolated. Dealing with our own day-to-day lives, we tend to forget there is a bigger world out there. When we do get connected some things come as a surprise, like a major early-season snowstorm in the Upper Midwest.

This afternoon we took a couple of Stan Brock's RAM people to see the operation and meet the people at Ciudad de SalvacĂ­on. More than month after Hurricane Maria, the church's relief efforts are still in high gear.

Stan and the RAM folks are here to scout locations for temporary medical clinics. The church is setting up a medical clinic. Made sense to introduce them and see if they could work together.

What started out as a simple drop off donations/make introductions turned into an afternoon of meeting new people - like Marelsa , a psychologist who specializes in trauma cases (and whose family loves horses!) and her social worker husband - and many many long conversations.

The contact with Marelsa led to meeting Kiki who takes care of Marelsa's familiy's horses. That led to arrangements to meet on Saturday morning to go get the horse in Aguada.

Very late, much later then we planned, we dropped the RAM guys, one of whom was the pilot,  off at the airport to check on their airplane which had mysteriously moved and was not where they left it.

Then we had pizza a Carole and Rolf's.

(Update: the airplane was moved because in the heat of the day, the fuel expanded and was leaking on the tarmac. The pilot spent several hours taking around the airport burning off fuel. All is well now.)

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