Thursday, February 22, 2018

NOW day 151 February 19, 2018, Monday

Monday, February 19, day 151

Today Elaine made the first trip up into the mountains either of us has taken since Maria. She went with a delivery team from Ciudad De Salvacion, delivering food and other supplies to the community of San Lorenzo in Morovis.

At the church they packed and loaded 150 boxes of food and other supplies, 15 generators and created and loaded 15 boxes of generator maintenance supplies plus cases and cases of water.


Once loaded, they headed for the mountains in a 10-vehicle convoy.

As they approached San Lorenzo, they had to cross a river. The road is actually closed because.the bridge washed out in the hurricane.

A new bridge is being built but it's still under construction.

So the convoy had to cross a ford.

When the water is high, there is no way across.

In San Lorenz the distribution was in a community basketball court (la cancha de baloncesto).

From San Lorenzo they moved on to Barrio Vaga and then Barrio Pasto before heading home after a long day.

While there is still obviously a lot of need, the good news is there is less need now than there was. The group did not give out all the food boxes they brought. That means food and other staples are getting through and available through other channels. They did leave the remaining supplies with a church in Barrio Pasto for distribution later.

This was their last trip into the mountains. They are changing their focus from supplying relief aid to helping people in the Isabela area rebuild their homes in kind of a Habitat for Humanity way.

Thank you to these amazing people for all their hard work keeping supplies moving to those who need them and for their continuing efforts to help those hardest hit by Maria. I cannot express enough how much we respect their work.

Elaine took most of the photos in this post.

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