Tuesday, December 04, 2018

MARIA log December 4 Day 73 Monday

Monday, December 4, day 73

For me it's all horses all the time. Elaine is gone. Marie has an eye problem and can't be in the sun. So feeding morning and evening is up to me. That's fine, it's not a big deal. I just don't get much else done.

I did go snorkeling this afternoon. I felt bad about it. It's the one thing Elaine wanted to do before she left and we couldn't. Twenty-four hours later the ocean is pretty calm and viz is pretty good.

A number of people asked about the big elkhorn coral on the west side of Shacks. Most of the massive elkhorn survived!

I'm a little surprised. It is very shallow and very exposed. But it survived!. The coral nursery we started no only survived bu appears to be thriving. Sean, the nursery project advisor from NOAA, did a great job picking this spot for the nursery.

Today's weather: clear and sunny until late afternoon. Then cloudy and light rain. Distant lightning and thunder in the evening.

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