Wednesday, December 05, 2018

MARIA log December 5 Day 74 Tuesday

Tuesday, December 5 day 74

The light rain that started in the evening continued overnight, accompanied by quite the breez blowing. In fact its been windy for the past few days.

Ah! It's December. The Christmas winds have started. Every December the tradewinds pick up; they're called the Christmas winds.

Today the Christmas winds brought spotty light rain off and on all afternoon. Must be a little cold front passing by because I'm, well, cold.

This morning Elaine sent me a text: it is cold windy and rainy in Cleveland. I wrote back, "Just like here!" Well, not just like here. In Cleveland "cold" is somewhere around freezing. Here it's anything below about 73 degrees.

Elaine's not here to snuggle with. Both of our warm Vizslas are gone. Tonight I'm wearing a sweatshirt to bed. Hey, it's December!

And a hot shower sure would feel good.

NOW: Well, December 6 a year later. No rain today. In fact no rain for a couple of weeks. And the Christmas winds haven't started to blow yet. Marie's talked to her daughter in eastern Washington state this morning. In the background, Marie could here this pounding noise. Marie asked Amanda what they're building. Amanda replied, "Nothing. I'm chipping ice in the horses' water bucket." Here it was 84 degrees today with heat index of 91. No complaints.

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