Sunday, December 02, 2018

MARIA log December 2 Day 71 Saturday

Saturday, December 2 day 15

Today's highlight was - dinner! I made fish tacos at Carole's for everyone. Everybody loved them! Jeremy's take: "Best fish tacos on the planet!" Everybody wanted more but we were out of fish and cole slaw. Next time - and there is universal agreement there will be a next time - more fish and a double (triple?) batch of slaw.

Otherwise today was a day of cleaning before Elaine leaves for Ohio.

One of the big stumbling blocks to getting a fence up was the stumps from the three traveler palms behind the house that fell during the hurricane. The stumps were right on the fence line. Roots of all three trees were entwined, like multiple Medusas. Although the trees toppled and pulled our many of the roots, some were still stuck in the ground.

It looked like a formidable job. A friend has a digger. He was going to dig them out. But his digger broke. Time for plan B.

I looked at the roots. I figured I could separate them with a chain saw. There was enough room in the hole the trees left that I wouldn't be chain sawing dirt.

Once the roots were separated, it was just a matter of wrapping a chain around the stump and pulling it out with the truck. With the help of Elaine and Lourdes we got the stumps out and dragged them to the road. Done.

Now there is no excuse not to finish the fence. ManaƱa!

NOW: December 2 Today it's not tree stumps in the way but a concrete wall.The old cyclone (chain-link) fence was cemented in to this low barrier wall. A lot of it is broken. I had to bust out a corner of busted concrete so I could put in new posts for the new gate.

Today our Jeremy and Anna brought Jeremy's brother Matt and two of his kids the see and ride the horses. That was fun. Matt's daughter Grace, who is nine, said the magic words: "Daddy, I want a horse."

This evening we went to the beach at Sardinera/Villa Pesquera to watch the sun set and the waves pound over the rocks. The ocean was putting on a show!

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