Saturday, December 01, 2018

MARIA log December 1 Day 70 Friday

Friday, December 1 day 70

A pretty laid-back low-key day - worked on the fence around the house This really should be a one-day job but I've managed to stretch it to three days. Otherwise, still lots of cleaning around the house. We are finally getting to things that need lots of water to clean.  (I've said this before: the great irony of a flood is when it's over, what you need more than anything is more water to clean up.)

Elaine and our friend Lourdes are finally getting "China" (what we call the kitchen/prep room; that's another story) cleaned. It has been long and hard. There was flood mud, moisture under the floor that sprouted mushrooms, mold in and on the walls. This is the only room in the house that doesn't have windows, the only room that seals pretty tightly so moisture gets trapped. Without electricity we can't run fans and so it's hard to dry out.

Elaine and Lourdes got it clean though. Everything in China (we pronounce it "CHEE-na) - pots, pans, dishes, shelves, everything - had to be taken out and washed. Now all that's done. Tomorrow they will finish cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

Today's weather report: Sunny, warm, no rain.

NOW: December 1, 2018 Hm-m-m, must be something about the season. Yesterday I started clearing out and repairing hurricane damaged fence in our new yard. Today I start building a new gate. Déjá vu all over again.

Today's weather report: Sunny, warm, no rain.

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