Monday, January 08, 2018

September 23, 2017, Saturday, St. Tavo

On Friday our friend Carole told us about Tavo. He is an aerospace engineer who is also a ham radio operator. Since Thursday, right after the storm, people have been going to see Tavo. He contacts other ham operators who then call or pass on messages to families on the mainland.

When we got to St. Tavo's (because he is a saint!) house, he and his wife welcomed Elaine into their home. (I stayed in the car, not wanting to intrude more than we already were.) Tavo said, "let's try tight now." He couldn't get through to the States so he contacted a ham operator in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican operator did contact someone in the states who called our daughter Amy with the news that we are safe and okay. Elaine came out of the house with tears of relief, of joy, and of gratitude.

Tavo told her he was running on battery as much as possible, that he only had maybe two days of gas for his generator. but he would keep sending messages as long as he could. I cried when she told me and I'm crying again as I write this.

That is St. Tavo.

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