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September 24, 2017, Sunday

Sunday, September 24, Day 3

Working at the house today, checking out the damage, shoveling mud,  starting to make it livable so we can move back from "the base."

The  tree that fell on the roof of the bar deck.

 We found the original Ola Lola sign. Some of the mud has been shoveled out. It's going to take a long time to get it all cleaned up.

Crushed by a traveler palm. We've talked about taking those trees down. This is not how we planned to do it. We're just grateful they fell on the fence and not the house.

The vies from the parking lot.

One of the saddest things we lost was the top of the cupey tree growing through the deck roof.

One of the strangest things we found were these chips out of the walls and the floor. we couldn't figure out what could have caused the tiles to chip like this. The walls maybe. but the tiles?

Elaine started scraping them with her fingernail. Turns out they are not chips. The wind and the rain caught the toilet paper in the bathroom and swirled it around and plastered the wet paper everywhere, like spitwads. Hurricane Maria TP'ed our house!

We decided to see if we could get through the downed trees to get to the beach.

 We didn't make it that way. That's an adventure for another day.

The stairs at Shacks really are gone  It is about a 15-foot drop from that last step to the sand.

The wooden decks are all pretty much gone.

 The dune looks like it was hacked with a machete.


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