Friday, January 12, 2018

Maria log day 6 September 27, 2017, Wednesday Going home

Wednesday, September 27, Day 6

Going home!

Today we moved back down the mountain to our house. It is far from done but it is liviable. We've made the house and yard livable and safe for the dogs.
We are all so glad to be here! Oz gets to be outside all the time. He only comes in if there is a storm. He was feeling so cooped up having to stay inside up on base.

And Amber! He's like a different dog. He was restless and uncomfortable, hot, panting all the time. He could never settle. He had a difficult time just walking. He got home, wandered around exploring the yard, then up the stairs on his own. He bounded - bou8nded! - up on the hassock and onto the bed. He laid down and spread out in absolute comfort for the first time in days.

Coming home wasn't all easy. On the way down carr. 110 through heavy, mostly stopped traffic, Elaine shut the car off to save gas. When she started it up again, the key broke off in the ignition. We can still drive it. It just takes some finageling to get the key right.

Oh and the gas smell? Probably a cracket gasget around the fuel pump under the back seat. Nothing to worry about - as long as no one lights a match in the car.

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