Friday, January 12, 2018

Maria log day 7 September 28, 2017, Thursday

Thursday, September 28, Day 7

Amber slept eight hours through the night! I don't think he's slept eight hours total since we moved up the mountain a week ago.

We went to see the horses this morning like we do every morning. Up where the horses are there has been water the whole time so far. We are so grateful to have water for them. KTJ as some "rain rot" so we gave her an iodine shampoo bath  We were able to rinse the other horses, too.

We are incredibly grateful we have water at home also. having water makes life so much easier. Honestly, though, there is some "survivor's guilt" that we have water and so many others, including people we love and care about, do not. The scarcity makes us appreciate having water so much more. We are so much more aware of how we use water. We always capturedd rain water but we've never used it well. We're tryng hard to change that.

We are absolutely grateful but we're not taking it for granted. We could lose it again any time.

Today is "Notice Small Things Day" on the Story People calendar  All along, since day one, we've been trying to find bits of beauty in the damage. 

After being buried under the fence or nearly a week, the little purple flowers bloomed the first day they were free.

The orchid in the tree next to the bar continues its stunning display of pink and white flowers.

We saw bright colors of clothes hanging out to dry.

 Little yellow flowers popped up in the yard near the horses. (The house in the background was not damaged by the hurricane. It was never finished.)

Today we saw green buds on some of the trees. Mother Nature will recover mush faster than we do.

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