Thursday, January 11, 2018

Maria log day 4 September 25, 2017, Monday

Monday, September 25, 2017, Day 4

The road up Jobos hill and carr. 459 both opened for travel today. That's really good news for us because it cuts the travel to the horses in half. Not only is it faster to get to the pasture, we're using less gas.

Gasoline is becoming the first big post-hurricane crisis. I think people expected to be without electricity and even water. But they are starting to panic over gasoline. Gas stations are starting to open but gas is still scarce and the lines are long.

We are refusing to buy into the panic mentality.

Our bigger concern is we smell gas in the little car and it's getting worse. We're hoping it's not a leak.

We started on some of the yard mess today. Our friend Bradley Coates came and cut up the tree that fell against the bar roof , cut up the downed traveler palms, and trimmed the storm-damage trees.

Speaking of trees, with so much vegetation stripped away by the hurricane, we can see things we'ver never been able to see. People who didn't have ocean view before do now. coming down the mountain we can see the cliffs. It's pretty amazing.

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