Monday, January 08, 2018

Maria log day 3 September 24, 2017, Sunday Agua and Aguacate

Sunday, September 24

No one in the Ramey neighborhoods "on base" has water so we were surprised to see water running down the street. Wow! Did they get water today?

No. Someone unplugged their roof drain and just let the water run into the street. Water is at a premium. The rest of us are capturing rainwater for all kinds uses. These people had gallons and made no attempt to capture it. I understand needing to get the water off the roof but we couldn't believe they weren't catching for flushing toilets.

If you like avocados (aguacate), this is the place to be. They are in season and they are all over the ground. People are giving them away/ They can't eat them fast enough. The problem is so many avocado - and mango, banana and plantain - trees are down from the hurricane, there may not be any next year.

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