Thursday, January 10, 2019

MARIA log January 10 Day 109 Wednesday

Wednesday, January 10 day 109

"Mother Mother Ocean, I have heard you call..."

Today's excitement is brought to us by a magnitude 7.6 earthquake off the coast of Honduras. The earthquake triggered a tsunami advisory for Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, pretty much all of Central America, the gulf coast of Mexico, Jamaica and Cuba. Just what we need - a tsunami!
The earthquake occurred just before 10:00 pm our time. I was almost asleep. With no electricity (so no local alert system active) I would have slept right through it. Except...

St. Jeremy is in Miami for training. He saw the news about the earthquake and the tsunami advisory o the pilots' weather system. He didn't have my number so he called Elaine in Cleveland. Just before 11:00 Elaine called me. Between us we found out that a tsunami "advisory" means the possibility of an ocean rise of .5 to 1 meter above "normal." Also, the "danger zone" for Puerto Rico would start at 1:24 AM and last about 2 hours.

I wasn't too concerned about a 1 meter wave. To be safe about 12:45 I started loading the emergency take-it-with-you stuff in the truck. To make it easier to load stuff and Oz, I moved the truck right in front of Ola Lola's half in the road with the flashers on. 

A police car with it's blue lights flashing turned down our road. I thought maybe they were coming to order us to evacuate. They stopped to investigate the truck. I ran down to tell them it was my truck, that it was ok. I asked them about the tsunami; they told me the advisory had been cancelled. YAY!

Of course I couldn't sleep. I laid in bed trying to read, listening to the ocean. I figured if a rogue tsunami came, the waves would go flat as the water receded from the beach. If it suddenly got quiet, Oz and the cat and I were out of there!

I have no idea if this is true but it sounded good at 2:00 AM.

Thank you - AGAIN!- St, Jeremy and Elaine and for cell signal!

We still have water so the shut-off rumors weren't true. The water pressure is very low though, Nothing else much happened today. Oh, no rain.

NOW: Curious - I forgot about the earthquake and the tsunami advisory until I reread and started typing this. 

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