Tuesday, January 01, 2019

NOW January 1, 2019

 Last night we joined the "last sunset" celebration on the beach at Shacks. It was beautiful evening. And it was nice because we didn't have to rush in or out. We did leave a bit early because we had plans to go to our landlady's home for New Years. Wow! A New Year's Eve out. It's been a long time for us.

Our landlady Ivette had a lovely party and it was very nice of her to invite us. We slipped out a little after 10 pm so we could be home with the animals if the night got crazy. I'm so glad we did because it did get crazy!

Like Christmas, there is so much pent up energy after last year after the hurricane. The parandas and Christmas parties were bigger and louder. This year there were lots more fireworks, bigger and louder. Elaine went out to the paddock with the horses to try to calm them and I sat in the house holding the three dogs, the four-and-a-half pound Chihuahua, the 60-pound Chow, and the 100-pound Lab. It was loud and intense - window-rattling booms, bangs, crackles, car and truck horns, ear-blasting music - and lasted longer than usual but we got through it. As much as I miss Amber and Jazz, part of me is happy they did not have to endure that.

Light rain overnight. We're especially grateful for the rain over the last few days with all the fireworks. As dry as it was, there was a real danger of grass fires. There have in fact been several grass fires  nearby. Fortunately none here.

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