Tuesday, January 08, 2019

MARIA log January 8 Day 107 Monday

This guy has been hanging around in the lily pond for a couple of days. I hope he finds his way to where he needs to be 'cause this ain't the place.

A FEMA inspector came today, a very nice guy named Jesus from San Juan. (I will refrain from making Jesus jokes.)

The inspectors have a very specific scope, a very specific agenda, and they stick to it. Anything outside their purview - don't talk about it. The business? "We don't do businesses." The fence? Don't do fences. Did not want to see photos of damage, "Made note of" repairs already made, like the shutters. Didn't care about time or money spent on cleaning.

Their focus is on actual visible physical damage to your dwelling, your shelter. That's it. Anything else is beyond the scope.

We will probably get something, but not much. Ironically, the room that has the most visible damage is the room we use the least - the guest room/library/laundry room.

Since we don't have electricity, we can't assess damage to appliances. Jesus said that when the lights come on, check out the appliances. If there is a problem, FEMA will come back and do another inspection.

Anyway, that is finally moving forward.

Elaine had a good conversation with Stephanie La Vake. She and her family are still interested in buying Ola Lola's. So that is moving forward also. Slowly, but moving.

Warm, breezy, no rain.

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