Wednesday, January 02, 2019

MARIA log January 2 Day 101 Tuesday

Just a "normal" day:

No lights, no rain
Fed horses twice

Took the great and wonderful Oz for a walk on the beach. Actually, he takes me. It's his walk. He sets the pace. He decides how far we walk and when we turn around.
Marie's birthday
Worked on cleaning the bar. Sometimes it feels like nothing is getting any cleaner, that I'm just moving mud from one place to another place.

We had the "traditional" New Years spaghetti and marinara sauce for dinner tonight.
Carole: "Is it traditional?"
Me: "It will be when we have it."

It was very quiet at Carole's tonight, very still. No wind, no frogs, no traffic sounds not even a dog barking.

We took down the Christmas tree. Rolf and I were sad about it.

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